Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Love where you live

By investing in new technologies and making improvements to the fabric
of the houses at Hamilton Park, Park Developments have constructed houses which are more sustainable, comfortable and energy efficient than those produced in previous decades. The following features combine to create a greener home with superior levels of comfort:

A2-A3 BER Rating
• The houses at Hamilton Park boast an A2-A3 BER rating. This contributes to a significant reduction in the cost of heating the houses


Certificates can be viewed with agent on request

Improved Insulation

  • Timber frame construction with insulation levels which exceed the industry standard reducing heat loss through floors, walls and roofs
  • High performance pipe insulation is used on all internal pipework to reduce heat loss

Triple Glazed Windows

  • High performance, low maintenance Rationel triple glazed windows and hall doors with a 3 point locking security system. The benefits include durability, enhanced sound insulation, low thermal conductivity and an attractive appearance

Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV)

  • Heat Recovery and Ventilation System which is designed for 24 hour exhaust ventilation of stale moist air from the kitchens, bathrooms and en-suites. As the air is extracted a heat exchanger within the system transfers the majority of the heat and transfers it into the fresh air supply entering the living room and bedrooms. The benefits of this system are managed ventilation, reduced heat loss and less dust and pollutants as the fresh air is filtered

Air Tightness

Improved air tightness works together with the HRV to retain heat and minimises exposure to external elements

Solar Panels

Solar Thermal Panels for domestic hot water requirements


10-year HomeBond structural guarantee